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How to Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone – Apple

As we all have the best and clear idea regarding the use of modern gadgets in our life. There are multiple of things in which we have got busy our life and without them, we can’t manage the things sufficiently. iPhone is one of the best inventions of Apple which have spread all over the world rapidly. There are multiple of users on an iPhone in the world. They really prefer to use the iPhone due to its reliability and speed. iPhone provides complete security regarding your data and its features are amazing. Almost 10 years back when nobody knows the Apple very frequently. At that time Steve Jobs the first CEO Apple Company has introduced the remarkable iPhone for the first time and now this brand has reached the top of the world respectively. The new iPhone X is one of the most advanced phones of this era with complete requirements.

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10 Gesture Icons you’ll love using for designing a stunning multi-touch interface

An icon is considered an indispensable component of every web/mobile application. The strategy followed for designing the icon of a web application is quite different from the one chosen for building an app icon that needs to target mobile visitors/users. It is here that the role of gesture icon sets comes to play. These gesture icons help you design, develop, implement and promote multi-touch interfaces in the right format. Based on commonly-known touchscreen interactions such as Drag, Hold/Press, Pinch, Slide, Swipe etc., these gesture icons serve as the right means for guiding the users through the application. The sole purpose of writing this post is to make you familiar with ten of the best gesture icons that will enable you to design a professional tour guide for your application. So, let’s get a clearer idea about these stunning gesture icons. Continue reading “10 Gesture Icons you’ll love using for designing a stunning multi-touch interface”

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SQLite – The Best Means To Manage Data In iOS Apps


The current trend of data-loaded iOS apps has taken the iOS app development world by a wave. While there are ample number of ways of storing data on an iPhone, deploying a suitable database with your iOS app can turn to be the best one. Unlike the hassles associated with storing data using the text/xml files or the Core Data framework, a well-developed database can serve as an intelligent choice. Irrespective of whether you’re inclined on storing simple data or a complex one, SQLite can allow you to manage all the data in a fabulous way. Hiring the services of an iOS App Development Company in India can allow you to get acquainted with the pros of SQLite. Keep on reading this blog to find more about the easy-to-follow steps that mark the usage of SQLite in your iOS applications. Continue reading “SQLite – The Best Means To Manage Data In iOS Apps”