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3 Ways to Monitor AWS EC2 Instance Costs

It is critical that you’re able to effectively monitor your AWS EC2 instances. If you don’t understand how each instance is being used, or if it’s being used at all, you can potentially be wasting a lot of money. There a lot of methods and tools different organizations use to ensure they don’t overspend on cloud computing.

Reserved Instances

Reserved instances are the most obvious way to manage your instance costs. You agree to purchase a set amount of them for one to three years, but pay considerably less per instance as when compared to using them on demand. Continue reading “3 Ways to Monitor AWS EC2 Instance Costs”

Reasons why AWS is the Leader in Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely used cloud computing service. Thousands of businesses use AWS, including recognized brands such as Reddit, Dropbox, and Netflix. Explore the following four reasons why AWS is the leader in the cloud computing industry.

Cloud computing: A Disaster Recovery platform for small businesses

Cloud computing is one of the most popular high-end technologies that allows businesses to manage their data, business activities, and tasks more effectively and efficiently. The software keeps on introducing advanced features that helps both the large as well as small-scale businesses. Continue reading “Cloud computing: A Disaster Recovery platform for small businesses”

Cloud Computing Guide for Startups

In order to succeed, every startup has to minimize the costs, maximize the available resources and lower the risk factor. Once the optimum performance is achieved, it is only a matter of time before your small business starts growing and evolving. If you take advantage of the cloud computing service, success can be on its way much faster. There are many benefits of using cloud computing services, however in order to understand the benefits, one must first understand the types of cloud computing a startup can make use of. Continue reading “Cloud Computing Guide for Startups”

Five ultimate reasons to consider Cloud Computing for your business

When it comes to technology, you can never really know right from the start which trend is going to stick and which one will fade, so it’s not really a surprise that a lot of people were skeptical when cloud computing made an entry to the scene. Sure, the technology was still in its infancy and implementation was far from what we know today, but even so, cloud computing proved that the concept has a tremendous potential, and that it will forever change the world of technology and business. Fast forward to today, cloud computing is the ultimate technology to use in any field of work, with the most noticeable results in business environments. Simply put, whoever uses cloud computing in their business today has the upper hand. If you’re not convinced, here are the five ultimate reasons to consider cloud computing for your business. Continue reading “Five ultimate reasons to consider Cloud Computing for your business”