How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education


Studying is quite a difficult process, which involves acquiring knowledge and operating tons of information. There are many useful tips to help students be smarterand make the process of getting their educations easier. One of them is to organize the materials related to their studies wisely and create the backup files.The best way to do so would be to use a cloud storage. Continue reading “How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education”


Where Websites Live Biggest data centers in the world

According to Internet research company Netcraft, as of last spring there were around 177 million active websites and the total number of websites worldwide is expected to reach 1 billion sometime this year. That is a lot of data to store. Businesses both large and small are migrating to the cloud and in doing so, they are creating tons of data for their web hosts to manage. Instead of buying, setting up, and managing their own servers to house their websites, many large companies are beginning to take advantage of third party web hosting services, which is resulting in a huge upsurge in the number — and size — of data centers being built, worldwide. Continue reading “Where Websites Live Biggest data centers in the world”

The 10 Greatest Cloud Computing Myths that are Holding Companies Back

With 2016 in full swing, cloud computing has long been established as a valuable business driver by reducing costs and increasing productivity. However, the hype surrounding the cloud has led to the rise of many prevailing myths surrounding the industry.

CIO’s and CEO’s alike need to keep their decisions grounded in reality and not pay attention to the hype. Debunking these myths is necessary to keeping a successful business running, especially if you’re considering a new cloud vendor. Continue reading “The 10 Greatest Cloud Computing Myths that are Holding Companies Back”

Ways in which cloud could change our business and personal lives

Everyone can agree that the world we live in is technology-based, and while there are a lot of technologies that would make everything a lot duller if they were to suddenly disappear overnight, there’s one specific piece of tech that’s simply indispensable, and would leave everything in chaos if it was to dissipate – the cloud. Cloud technology is the backbone to pretty much everything that’s technology-driven nowadays, and by the looks of it, it’s only going to become more popular moving forward. Even though the base concept for the cloud was contoured in the 70s, and businesses started using and perfecting it right away, its real potential only became apparent around 2010, when companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle joined in the cloud bandwagon. The cloud has since matured, and changed the way we do pretty much everything, with no signs of stopping. Here’s how the cloud changed our live so far, and ways in which cloud could change our business and personal lives even further. Continue reading “Ways in which cloud could change our business and personal lives”

Cloud computing vs Mobile Cloud

The cloud is trending and the moment, and terms like “mobile cloud” and “cloud computing” are being used interchangeably. This has resulted in a number of confused thoughts for most people, because although the two both depend on the cloud, their functions do differ.

But then, what does cloud computing have to do with mobile cloud?

There are a number of unique features that separate cloud computing from the mobile cloud, right from storage, computing capacity and even tolerance. In fact, the only connection between the two technologies is that they both run on the cloud, and employ the use of wireless systems to transmit data, encrypted or otherwise. Both technologies also have their fair share of pros and cons, but to make the difference clear, here is a comparison of cloud computing with the mobile cloud. Continue reading “Cloud computing vs Mobile Cloud”

The Cloud Is Boring: That’s Where Its Value Lies

The Cloud Is Boring: That’s Where Its Value Lies: The cloud will become less exciting as time passes — eventually becoming as uninteresting as the system that brings water to faucets and electricity to outlets.

Cloud resources are becoming commoditized. A vicious price war between leading infrastructure-as-a-service providers is pushing the cost of compute and storage resources ever lower. That’s great news for startups and established enterprises that rely on low-cost cloud infrastructure to build a viable business model, but it may appear that it’s not so great for cloud vendors themselves. Continue reading “The Cloud Is Boring: That’s Where Its Value Lies”