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Building an Azure Analysis Services Model for Azure Blobs

What are Azure Blobs?

Microsoft Azure storage is one of the most extensible and reliable cloud storage available for enterprises. Microsoft Azure has become a popular choice among entrepreneurs and start up business owners, thanks to many Azure training centers available around the country. There are various types of storage options to use – Blobs, Tables, Queues and Azure files. All of them work on the same concept and technology but used with different scenarios.
Implementing DevOps with Microsoft AzureDevOps for Web Development
Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure
DevOps Bootcamp
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Cloud computing: A Disaster Recovery platform for small businesses

Cloud computing is one of the most popular high-end technologies that allows businesses to manage their data, business activities, and tasks more effectively and efficiently. The software keeps on introducing advanced features that helps both the large as well as small-scale businesses. Continue reading “Cloud computing: A Disaster Recovery platform for small businesses”

Microsoft Azure-How to create Web App

Microsoft Azure provides WebApps services to host any website without configuring a virtual machine. It is a Platform as a Service offering from Microsoft.

Supported Web Applications are:

  • Custom web application from Visual Studio
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Umbraco

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Microsoft Azure-App Service plan

An App Service plan is the container for web app.

The App Service plan settings will determine the location, features, cost and compute resources associated with app.

Click NEW in the toolbar on the left and then click Web+Mobile and click on Web App.
In the App Service Name text box, type a unique name
Select valid Subscription
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Try Microsoft Azure for free-Microsoft Azure Pass

How to use Microsoft Azure Pass?

Go to

Select Country and Provide Azure Pass Code which is available with you. Continue reading “Try Microsoft Azure for free-Microsoft Azure Pass”