5 Cloud Computing Trends for 2017

With the accelerated growth of cloud computing which will peak in the following period, businesses across the globe are presented with an opportunity to operate better and serve their customers more efficiently. Such a staggering growth rate is an indicator that this year will be all about smarter usage of the cloud resources, and that the upcoming years will most likely follow this trend. Continue reading “5 Cloud Computing Trends for 2017”


How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education


Studying is quite a difficult process, which involves acquiring knowledge and operating tons of information. There are many useful tips to help students be smarterand make the process of getting their educations easier. One of them is to organize the materials related to their studies wisely and create the backup files.The best way to do so would be to use a cloud storage. Continue reading “How Cloud Storages Can Save Your Education”

Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student

Each of us had been in the situation when we needed to upload some files to the Internet and pass them over to somebody, so you are probably familiar with cloud storage services that are popular nowadays. Maybe you even have used some of them like Google Drive or Mega. Continue reading “Essential Guide on Cloud Storages for a Student”

The Cloud: When worlds collide!

The Cloud:  When worlds collide!

I once wrote an article about a premise based phone system. It started off something like this:

In my honest opinion, there are few telecommunications solutions that can compare to the innovate and versatile IP Office by Avaya.  IP Office can do anything.  Seriously!  From simple tasks, such as making phone calls (you kind of need that in a phone system!), to ultra complex tasks, such as third party application hooks via VBScript and SQL Database dips.  With IP Office, the sky is the limit!  Continue reading “The Cloud: When worlds collide!”

5 Flashing Signs your Startup needs a Cloud HRMS Solution

Even though startups may come as natural transgressors for many, HR and payroll is one key area where a startup simply cannot afford to break the rules. Today, owners of startups ought to come up with novel and cutting-edge ideas to stay ahead of the curve whilst ensuring to abide by the payroll and HR regulations. Continue reading “5 Flashing Signs your Startup needs a Cloud HRMS Solution”

Hurricane Clouds – Cloud Communications

A while ago, I was at a technology expo and had the pleasure of having a very animated conversation with the Google Cloud Infrastructure team.  One of the things we discussed was a practical application of the Cloud as it pertains to Telecommunications.  Now, you would ask me, but what on Earth does Telecom have to do with The Cloud?  One is phone equipment installed in your office, the other, I imagine, is a server farm in a bunker somewhere under a mountain?

Continue reading “Hurricane Clouds – Cloud Communications”

Cloud computing: A Disaster Recovery platform for small businesses

Cloud computing is one of the most popular high-end technologies that allows businesses to manage their data, business activities, and tasks more effectively and efficiently. The software keeps on introducing advanced features that helps both the large as well as small-scale businesses. Continue reading “Cloud computing: A Disaster Recovery platform for small businesses”