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Open Source Logging Tools

Logging is worth when you include in your DevOps pipeline. Logging can capture all the happenings from different levels of software development stack. Logging can be enabled to track operating systems, databases, servers and source code exceptions and resolve as soon as possible. Logging can also help in finding key events in a large pool of log data. Adding logging tools to your development pipeline bring many advantages to the table. Here you can find the list of open source Logging tools you should consider adding in your DevOps toolkit.

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Open Source Containerization Tools

Containerization is the process of operating system virtualization, the current running container uses the least OS resources, memory and services need to run the application. Enabling containerization in DevOps process enhances the performance, efficiency and speed on the application. Here you can find a list of open source containerization tools.

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Open Source Configuring/Provisioning Tools

Configuration management is considered as management of software and hardware resources in the organization. It includes identification, controlling and auditing. In this section, you will get to know about open source configuration and provisioning tools.

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Open Source Repository Management Tools

In most cases, the software development companies want to set up their DevOps process based on the build tool they are going to use. Then comes the need for a Repository Management tool that handles all such requirements. There are different types of repository management tools out there in the market, here you can find the list of open source repository management tools.

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Open Source Testing Tools

DevOps can be defined as the practice of efficient development, test, build and deployment of an application using the highest of all possible software’s available. Having said that, let us take a look at all open source DevOps testing tools available for consumption by Organizations with no further delay.

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Open Source BI/Monitoring Tools

Adding BI/Monitoring tools to your DevOps toolkit benefits organization in maintaining applications in a better manner. DevOps can be used to build the bridge between software development and IT operations together. When combining these two diverse streams, we need to have extremely efficient tools, here we listed the open source BI/Monitoring tools.

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Open Source Cloud/Iaas/Paas Tools

In this section, you are going to know open source Cloud tools for DevOps. The concepts of Cloud, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) topics comes under Cloud computing. It has been there in the internet service delivery landscape for over a decade. Here is the list of open source cloud tools.

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