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6 Astounding IoT Trends that will Blow Your Mind!!

It has been quite some time since IoT has set its foot on the technology ground. However what is the next wave of innovation to be caught by Internet of Things! Let’s see what is the future of IoT?


Gartner predicts that there will 26 billion smart products will be connected to each other by 2020.

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Internet of things – My Article Published in OSFY


Internet of things or Internet of “every” thing also known as Internet of “Intelligent” Objects can be referred as network of objects which can communicate with each other. They can be in sensor, electronics,  or software which is used to gather, exchange, analyze the data between various devices which is further used for management, planning, and decision making. It enables direct connection between physical devices and computer based systems. It can also be considered as the era of internet i.e. where the connection between the devices or objects will be more than the between human beings. Its concept is such anything that can be connected, will be connected with intelligence fed into it. Continue reading “Internet of things – My Article Published in OSFY”

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What is the Internet of Things?

As ubiquitous as it has become, it is easy to forget just how far the Internet has come in the last twenty years. From humble modem dial-up-on-demand came broadband, then “Web 2.0” and 4G mobile Internet. The next big thing? Many believe that the networking of everyday objects and devices to allow them to receive and send data will not only be the next big thing but could prove to be the biggest development of the Internet since its inception. The term for this phenomenon of connecting devices, objects, services and systems has become known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Continue reading “What is the Internet of Things?”