Free Download Networking For Dummies

Free Download - Click on the Image to Download the Book For Free
Free Download – Click on the Image to Download the Book For Free

This eBook includes how to:

  • Step-by-step instructions to set up and maintain a network
  • Set up a network for all major operating systems
  • Secure, optimize, and troubleshoot your network
  • Create an intranet and use the Cloud safely
  • Make sense of the latest updates to Windows 10

Interesting Books on Jenkins and DevOps… Have a look at it:


7 Things to Look for in a Quality Web Host

A report done by Clutch which surveyed more than 350 small businesses came to the conclusion that more than 40 percent of small businesses in the U.S. still don’t have a website for their company. This survey was carried out in 2016. One year later, it is obvious that the question is not whether or not your business needs to have a website, but rather why you should do your best to have a high-quality website regardless of the size of your company. Among the number of important things you should consider when setting up your web page is how to choose the best host that will meet your needs. However, that is easier said than done, given the numerous providers out there. In this article, we’ll try to help you determine what type of web host is the most suitable for your business.

Implementing DevOps with Microsoft AzureDevOps for Web Development
Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure
DevOps Bootcamp
Jenkins Essentials Continue reading “7 Things to Look for in a Quality Web Host”

Cloud Computing a Necessity for Every Business

Cloud Computing a Necessity for Every Business
Storing and retrieving data has never been this easy. Organizations documents and other information can be stored remotely through cloud computing. Cloud computing is an IT computing technology that saves on both the cost and time needed for various business procedures while still increasing returns. Cloud computing has many advantages as compared to local servers when it comes to data storage. Below, are some of the factors that make cloud computing more important while used in any business; Continue reading “Cloud Computing a Necessity for Every Business”

Packtpub: Learning VMware vCloud Air by Yohan Wadia

Learning VMware vCloud Air by Yohan Wadia: VMware vCloud Air is a cloud offering by VMware that provides you with the flexibility and agility to create and manage your virtualized workloads with ease on a VMware-backed cloud platform. Continue reading “Packtpub: Learning VMware vCloud Air by Yohan Wadia”

The Cloud Is Boring: That’s Where Its Value Lies

The Cloud Is Boring: That’s Where Its Value Lies: The cloud will become less exciting as time passes — eventually becoming as uninteresting as the system that brings water to faucets and electricity to outlets.

Cloud resources are becoming commoditized. A vicious price war between leading infrastructure-as-a-service providers is pushing the cost of compute and storage resources ever lower. That’s great news for startups and established enterprises that rely on low-cost cloud infrastructure to build a viable business model, but it may appear that it’s not so great for cloud vendors themselves. Continue reading “The Cloud Is Boring: That’s Where Its Value Lies”

What a Solid Cloud Strategy Could Do for Your Business

Cloud Strategy – As the entire world shifts its operations online, it only makes sense for your business to join the cloud bandwagon. Systems are getting more stable, reliable and efficient every second, and have several long-standing advantages, even beyond visibly reducing paperwork and saving time. Continue reading “What a Solid Cloud Strategy Could Do for Your Business”

Cloud computing: What does a CEO need to know about it?

There’s no doubt that the world of information technology is changing rapidly. The majority of these changes can be utilized in daily business. The businesses that don’t utilize this technology will be left behind and see their market share tumble. Unfortunately, this rapid development and the way many big businesses have set up their infrastructures make it very challenging for businesses to keep up with these changes. Continue reading “Cloud computing: What does a CEO need to know about it?”