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Artificial Intelligence Project in Python: Identifying the Genre of a Song with Neural Networks

Learn how to identify the genre of a song with neural networks in this tutorial by Joshua Eckroth, an assistant professor, who teaches big data mining and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and software engineering. He also has a PhD in AI and cognitive science.

This article will show you how to build a neural network that can identify the genre of a song. Use the GTZAN Genre Collection ( Genre Collection). It has 1,000 different songs from over 10 different genres, with 100 songs per genre and each song is about 30 seconds long.

Use the Python library, librosa to extract features from the songs and use Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC). MFCC values mimic human hearing, and they are commonly used in speech recognition applications as well as music genre detection. These MFCC values will be fed directly into the neural network.

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Essential WordPress plugins to increase the quality of your website

You can unlock new potential for your WordPress website by enhancing its speed, performance, and usability. And, you can accomplish this task by using WordPress plugins. But, there are lots of plugins that are available out there in the digital market, so which one you should use? In this post, you will find a list of some essential plugins for WP websites that help to increase the quality of websites.

Since, there are plenty of different plugins available in the market, it may be difficult to find plugins which fulfill your requirements. But, to make it easy for you, we have enlisted some must-have WP plugins which extend a website’s functionality. They are as follows:

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How to Scale Queries Using Azure Stream Analytics

Learn how to scale queries using Streaming Units and partitions in this tutorial by Krishnaswamy Venkataraman, a big data and cloud architect.

In a traditional static data scenario, a query can be executed against a fixed data set and results will be available after a known interval. On the other hand, with a streaming data scenario involving constant changes to a dataset, the queries will run for a longer duration or might not even complete.

Additionally, a constant stream of data will increase the volume of the data, and the query might drain the working memory. One way to draw a data boundary is through the context of time. For example, with a streaming dataset, you can specify a data boundary that resides within the start and end time. This will restrict the query execution between known boundaries. There are two types of timing constraints you can use to set time boundaries for the streaming data, application and arrival time.

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The DevOps Process and Continuous Delivery (CD) – An Overview

This guest post by Joakim Verona, the author of Practical DevOps, Second Edition, gives a concise overview of the DevOps process and continuous delivery.

When you work with DevOps, you work with large and complex processes in a large and complex context. An example of a CD pipeline in a large organization is depicted in the following diagram:

Practical DevOps

While the basic outline of this diagram holds true surprisingly often, regardless of the organization, there are, of course, differences, depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the products that are being developed. The early parts of the chain, that is, the developer environments and the CI environment, are normally very similar.

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How Are Social Media Metrics Important for A Budding Business?

If you use any standard social network checker to view the performance of your business, you will see a range of scores. The scores show the several ways in which your site performs on social media. Although distinct from organic search engine results, social media metrics are important for any business. For example, the scores normally indicate how well a business is doing concerning getting new clients. also, the way you perform on social media platforms has a direct influence on your overall SEO performance. For small businesses, the issue of social media metrics is critical. The following is a brief discussion of how social media metrics are important for a budding business.

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How to Analyze Big Data with Hadoop

Learn how to perform data analysis using Hadoop and Python packages in this tutorial by Sridhar Alla, a big data expert and the author of Big Data Analytics with Hadoop 3.

Data analytics is the process of applying qualitative and quantitative techniques when examining data, with the goal of providing valuable insights.

In this article, you will analyze big data using Hadoop and Python packages. For this, you will need to perform a basic Python installation, Anaconda installation, and you will need to set up Jupyter Notebook with the Python interpreter to perform data analysis. Additionally, you can find the necessary files for this article here.

First, download OnlineRetail.csv from the link. Now, you can load the file using Pandas.

The following is a simple way of reading a local file using Pandas:

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How to set up Java Application Development Environment on Windows 7

More than 6.5 million software as well as web professionals around the world is using Java Application Development platform to develop scalable and robust enterprise-level applications. It has been widely used by the software companies for developing different applications.

Apart from professionals, Java has created buzz in many newbie developers or students, the write an essay on programming due to its flexible, compatible and productive nature. Today, there are many developers getting into the Java Application development to leverage from its rising popularity and demand in various industry domains. However, most of the newbie developers don’t know how to set up a Java development environment, specifically in windows 7.

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