7 Hot Cloud Computing Trends

With all business moving to Cloud, there is tough competition between the Cloud service providers as well. As the market is fairly new & the potential is huge, the service providers are moving at a quick pace to Cloud Model. There was a time when AWS was the lone service provider, but gone are those days as Microsoft Azure is gaining market rapidly. To increase the customer base, we can hope to see the below trends gaining popularity in near future:

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How ERP software can Drive Automobile Industry on the Right Foot?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a business process management software used in various small-scale and large-scale industries. It helps you manage key business functions in different sectors like chemical, construction, food processing, oil, manufacturing industry etc.  ERP is a prominent solution for automotive industry that can be of great use for businesses in managing various functions such as assembly tasks, manufacturing, report maintenance fort each transaction, payment and bank related transactions.

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Gmail: Best Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

Opening a gmail account is one of the best decisions you can make.

Gmail offers one of the best free webmail experiences online today.

In fact:

It might actually offer the best.

Here’s the deal:

When it comes to finding a web mail service that’s clean and easy to use, Gmail is the right choice.

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Key Data Center Trends To Be Watched Closely

As the computing is reaching newer heights, cloud computing is getting even closely integrated into IT operations. The focus will gradually move to improve the underlying critical infrastructure as businesses are gearing up for newer data volumes.  Here are some of the key trends shaping the data centres and will affect the IT infrastructure management services as well.

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5 Tips that You Must Follow Before Learning Java Game Development

The idea of engaging in something new and complicated is fun, but when things don’t turn on time then it can become a frustrating task. If you are planning to explore the enticing world of java game development, I would suggest you to first go through these tips that will definitely help you throughout your learning and execution process.

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How Blockchains Will Impact Cloud Technology

Blockchain technology is all the rage right now—but unlike other transient tech developments, blockchains are likely here to stay.

Among other benefits, blockchains will change the way we look at security in the cloud. Here are three ways

Improved Security in Mobile Phones

Now that it’s summer, are your employees opting to attend meetings and portal into work from a remote location? In 2017, employees rarely employees rarely avoid work entirely while they are on vacation.

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3 Ways to Monitor AWS EC2 Instance Costs

It is critical that you’re able to effectively monitor your AWS EC2 instances. If you don’t understand how each instance is being used, or if it’s being used at all, you can potentially be wasting a lot of money. There a lot of methods and tools different organizations use to ensure they don’t overspend on cloud computing.

Reserved Instances

Reserved instances are the most obvious way to manage your instance costs. You agree to purchase a set amount of them for one to three years, but pay considerably less per instance as when compared to using them on demand. Continue reading “3 Ways to Monitor AWS EC2 Instance Costs”