Thoughts on Moving Your Business to the Cloud

For those who are not aware, cloud computing is essentially computing based on the Internet. There is no need to run programs or applications from software installed on a server in the building or a physical computer. Cloud computing allows access to the same applications through the Internet. Whenever you check your bank balance on your phone or update your Facebook status – you are using cloud computing. Continue reading “Thoughts on Moving Your Business to the Cloud”


5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your SMB

Only those who own a business know how hard it sometimes gets to break through a rough period or compete with some more-grossing companies that just keep taking all your customers. Being a small business owner means you have to make many important decisions and one of them is whether you will use the benefits of cloud computing or not.

If you decided to use this service, you have made one of the best decisions possible for your business. Here are the 5 reasons why cloud computing is just too beneficial for your business. Continue reading “5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your SMB”

Five ultimate reasons to consider Cloud Computing for your business

When it comes to technology, you can never really know right from the start which trend is going to stick and which one will fade, so it’s not really a surprise that a lot of people were skeptical when cloud computing made an entry to the scene. Sure, the technology was still in its infancy and implementation was far from what we know today, but even so, cloud computing proved that the concept has a tremendous potential, and that it will forever change the world of technology and business. Fast forward to today, cloud computing is the ultimate technology to use in any field of work, with the most noticeable results in business environments. Simply put, whoever uses cloud computing in their business today has the upper hand. If you’re not convinced, here are the five ultimate reasons to consider cloud computing for your business. Continue reading “Five ultimate reasons to consider Cloud Computing for your business”

Microsoft Azure-How to create Web App

Microsoft Azure provides WebApps services to host any website without configuring a virtual machine. It is a Platform as a Service offering from Microsoft.

Supported Web Applications are:

  • Custom web application from Visual Studio
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Umbraco

Continue reading “Microsoft Azure-How to create Web App”

Microsoft Azure-App Service plan

An App Service plan is the container for web app.

The App Service plan settings will determine the location, features, cost and compute resources associated with app.

Click NEW in the toolbar on the left and then click Web+Mobile and click on Web App.
In the App Service Name text box, type a unique name
Select valid Subscription
Select appropriate Resource Group Continue reading “Microsoft Azure-App Service plan”

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips

Whether you’re a business owner or you’re simply concerned about the security of your own data, it’s important to take a few steps to protect yourself online.

Here are 5 key cyber security tips to protect both your personal and company data from hackers.

Keep passwords long and strong

With poor passwords proven to be the number one cause of data breaches, it makes sense to make them as strong as possible. Fearing that they’ll get locked out of their account if they choose a complicated password, many people choose short and snappy words that are easy to remember. However, if a password is easy to remember, it’s often easy to hack, too. Continue reading “Top 5 Cyber Security Tips”

The World of Data-Data in the Cloud